Saturday, April 11, 2015

Geek girls in erotica? Why not?

I have noticed a lot of top trends in the erotica section of Kindle store. One of them is BBW getting the hot stud. However I haven't seen any stories involving the geek girls getting the hot guys. Why not? There is a market for it in the romance genre, most definitely. I have seen one author who has dozens of books published about geek girls getting the hot studs, Greek gods, etc. She is traditionally published and looks like her books are selling like hot cakes. Why aren't people writing this in the erotica genre?

Well, I did. In my story the geek girl travels back in time, to ancient Roman Empire, and hooks up with the smoking hot emperor. She will do some badass stuff in the next installments.

Grab your copy while it's still fere, here:

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