Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Super Hot Excerpts from When In Rome Vol. 3: The Emperor's Gladiatrix

My third title, The Emperor's Gladiatrix is live on Amazon.

The plot is thickening and our heroine is trying to figure out if she's changing the history and whether she can save the emperor from getting assassinated without messing up the timeline. She's doing so much for him and even planning to leave all the comforts of the 21st century behind to permanently move to the 1st century AD ancient Rome... To be one of the many lovers of the most powerful man in the world.
You have to be insane to do such a thing! But all logic and reason flies off the window when you are crazy in love.

She's doing all that, risking so much, throwing everything away to be close to him and what does he do? He stages a gladiatrix fight in the arena, offering himself as the reward! The beautiful women of the Roman nobility line up to fight before the eyes of a quarter million people for a night in his bed.
Crazy, right?

I mean, why would any woman would put up with this crap? Why on earth?
You gotta read all three volumes to find out.
Every single female reader who has read the first two stories has told me Caligula is smoking hot and they want that magic locket to go to ancient Rome. I wonder if they will change their minds and be mad at Caligula after reading Vol. 3, but I very much doubt it. The man IS hot!

And here are the excerpts:

We climbed up the stairs and turned into the corridor leading to the palace wing where his bedchamber was. Mixed feelings raged in my heart. He held my hand… This was the first time he'd done that. I burned for him, but I couldn’t get my mind off of how he'd eyeballed Fabiana at the banquet. My insides burned with a hotter fire than the night I'd watched him have sex with the acrobat woman.

But he was the emperor of Rome. He could have any woman. He could have a dozen of them. But tonight he was having me instead...

We passed the guards in the corridor and walked into his lavish bedchamber hand in hand. He seated me on the bed and took his place next to me.  His hands cupped my face and he looked in my eyes… God, those eyes!

“Give me that fire, my little thirst-quencher,” he said, his voice deep and husky.

    “I’ll punish you for your insolence!” he said, lifting himself up. He ripped a long piece from my ruined dress, roughly turned me around, and tied my hands. Then he laid me on my back, with my hands under my butt. His eyes were wild and full of fire.
    “Punish me, Caesar!” I pleaded.
    He ripped another piece of fabric and stuffed it in my mouth. Now I couldn’t beg even if I wanted to.
    “You will keep quiet, woman!” he commanded.
    My whole body shivered. I remembered how incredibly aroused I got when he chained me up and interrogated me in the dungeon. I had to admit it turned me on even more when he was rough. Anger boiled away in passion.
    He pushed my legs apart, squeezing the flesh of my thighs.

 Buy it here: When In Rome Vol. 3: The Emperor's Gladiatrix

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