Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sneak Peak: Some Sizzling Hot Excerpts From When In Rome Vol. 1: An Unexpected Vacation

We passed by the guards at the doorway and headed into a lavish hallway. The emperor walked with a bit of swagger, towering over me and everyone else. I wondered where he was taking me.

“Drink!” he said. “It’s a privilege to drink the Caesar’s wine.”

   I stood less than two inches from him. He smelled so good. I was drunk on his exotic perfume. He put his hand on my back and pulled me into his arms. I’d never gone to the bedroom of a man I just met before…  But he was not just any man. He was the mighty Roman emperor. He ruled half of the world. He could have my head if I resisted.
His lips and the tip of his tongue trailed on my skin like a feather. I felt his warm breath on my neck and his hand caressing my upper arm. This man couldn’t be the bloodthirsty maniac they made him out to be. His touch was too tender.

 It's free on Smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon. You can download it for free on Smashwords. Amazon didn't let me make it free, if you report the lower price on Smashwords to Amazon, they will do the price match and it will be free.

I have written 16.000 words in 3 weeks, story 3 is almost finished. It has been a truly brutal writing schedule with a full time job, but I am not stopping until I finish writing the whole series!

I am planning to publish the second story very soon. If my cover artist  can fix up the cover this week it goes live on Friday. Otherwise it will be live on next Friday.

I've received a lot of compliments on the sex scenes from my beta readers, I'd like to know what you guys think! Drop me a line in the comments section or email me and let me know.

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