Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When In Rome Vol. 2: The Emperor's Dungeon Is Going Live Tomorrow!

I have finished formatting, received the cover from my wonderful cover artist Lillian and submitted it to Amazon. It should go live sometime tomorrow.

Those of you who have read When In Rome Vol. 1: An Unexpected Vacation will love it. There's more about the mysterius magic locket, a really cool new character and hardcore bondage with heavy iron chains and fetters in the Roman dungeon. And our heroine will have a big and important quest, a much bigger mystery to solve. She will also learn more about Caligula and find herself facing a big dilemma.

The sex scenes are even steamier than the first story according to my beta readers and the plot gets more complicated with conflicts and dilemmas to solve.

I will update when it goes live. I'm working on wrapping up the third story in the series which has even more cool stuff and exciting events. Stay tuned!

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